When it comes to your vision, our prescription glasses are so much more than single lenses. You can find your perfect pair of sunglasses, dispatched straight out of the Low Cost Glasses factory.

Our ordering process couldn’t be easier. Simply select your favourite sunglasses – we’re certain we’ve got the perfect pair for you, choose from over 1000 frames. Select your lens type and input your prescription, make sure you pick the tinted option at this stage. Specify your colour and the strength of the tint and that’s it, we ensure the process is straightforward and easy to complete at your own pace.

Starting at just £21, some of our favourite collections are available as sunglasses; the Urbn West Brightly are a traditional yet popular pair of sunglasses, with an angular shape and dark colour that throws it back a few decades.

The Baseline Olive are a fashionable pair of metal rimmed sunglasses and with a slight brown colour tint, create a glamorous look and take on a completely new design.

Check out these 4 styles selected in the Rachel Stevens LCG Edit.

Our Most Popular Sunglasses

Choose Your Frame, Select Your Lenses, Enter Your Prescription, Choose ‘Tint’, Choose The Colour & Strength Of Your Tint.

Over 1100 Frames Available As Sunglasses