There are several options available for sunglasses tints

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You can order tinted sunglasses from Low Cost Glasses in a wide range of tinting options. If you do not have a prescription, you are welcome to purchase any of our tinted lenses without a prescription.

Dark Tint

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Choosing dark tinted lenses is a great way to keep your eyes protected from strong sunlight. Classified as a category 3 tint, we are offering dark tinted lenses in a variety of shades from brown, gray, to green. These dark tinted lenses are available in shades ranging from 75% to 100% UVA/B blocking. When looking through these hues, it is most likely that objects will appear natural and have the greatest depth of colour definition.

The more brown tint that the lens carries, a better contrast will be shown between blue and green. Grey tints will reduce brightness while still allowing 100% of colour recognition to remain, whereas green tinted lenses will simultaneously enhance contrast and preserve colour balance without reducing brightness.

Gradient tints

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It is particularly useful for driving because gradient tints provide excellent protection from bright sunlight at the top, but fade gradually downward towards the bottom of the lens.

Our graduated tinted lenses are available in brown or grey and are designed with a clear bottom for easy viewing of car instruments in darker conditions below the window-line.


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Unlike conventional glass lenses, polarised lenses have a composite filter that is laminated onto the lens, so it blocks out horizontal glare. These lenses are particularly effective in reducing reflected glare from water, such as the sea or rain.

As a result of wearing polarized lenses, your vision will be improved, and your eyes will not strain as much. Polarized lenses can, however, make LCD screens difficult to read, and they are not available in semi-rimless or rimless frames due to the risk of delamination. Our polarized lenses block up to 85% of the light and are upto 100% UVA/B protected.

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