Are Varifocals Any Good?

Are Varifocals Any Good? 1


Using the world’s leading lens brands and manufacturers, Low Cost Glasses offers only the highest quality varifocal glasses.

As someone with different prescriptions & single vision lenses, you will understand how frustrating it can be to swap your glasses.

With varifocal lenses, you, the wearer, can benefit from multiple focal points within a single lens, which is impossible with ordinary single vision lenses.

By owning a pair, you will no longer have to change your eyeglasses for reading, driving, or shopping. You will always enjoy perfect vision, regardless of what you’re doing.

Identifying the different types and options of varifocal glasses available will help you order varifocal glasses online.

What is the working principle of varifocals?

This lens is characterized by progressively increasing strength from the top of the lens to the bottom with multiple focal points in between. Varifocal lenses, or varifocal lenses, are also known as varifocal lenses, varifocal lenses, PALs, or progressive lenses. With these lenses, you are able to see all distances and focus points simultaneously. These are commonly used in conjunction with two prescriptions, one for reading and one for distance.

Consequently, the wearer does not have to purchase and maintain two separate pairs of glasses, nor is it necessary to switch between different frames in order to meet different vision requirements.

There is no reading segment or dividing line within the lens, which makes them more cosmetically pleasing in comparison to bifocals. They may also disguise presbyopia, the requirement for reading glasses, which is often associated with aging as it occurs typically after 40 years old.

Varifocal lenses are divided into three basic regions:

Zone of distance viewing: The ‘upper’ portion of the varifocal lens is responsible for this function.

It consists of a ‘corridor’ of intermediate powers and viewing that is connected to the distance and reading areas.

Zone for closeups/reading: The lower portion of the lens corresponds to the zone for close-ups and reading

A varifocal lens has the following focal points:

Varifocal lenses can be classified into the following types:

In the market today, varifocal lenses are available in a wide variety of styles, with a variety of benefits and features depending on the lifestyle, needs, and requirements of the user.

Lenses with varifocals as standard:

Varifocal standard lenses provide clear vision and a broad focal area for distance, reading, and everything in between, making them an excellent alternative to bifocals.

A small amount of ‘peripheral distortion’ will appear at the edge of the lens, but most people will be able to adjust to this very quickly.

Lenses with a premium varifocal configuration:

In terms of vision, clarity, focus, and ease of adaptation, premium varifocal lenses provide much clearer vision at all points than standard varifocal lenses.

In some cases, premium varifocal lenses are also called “free-form varifocals” or “back-surfaced digital varifocals”. They offer an increased field of vision for distance, intermediate/in-between, and reading.

Due to the fact that the lens is customised varifocal lens, it is made specifically for your frame. In addition to offering the most comprehensive vision possible with a smooth transition between focal ranges, it is unique to your prescription and the shape of the frame you have selected. They have minimal peripheral distortion and are easier to adjust to.

It is clear from this image that a premium varifocal lens has a wider field of vision and is less distorted when compared to the standard varifocal lens.

Lenses with elite varifocals:

You will be able to see the widest possible field of vision at any focal point with Elite varifocal lenses, which are custom made to your exact vision and customized to fit within your frame. The lenses will provide you with the clearest levels of vision and will have the least distortion around the edges.

Lenses with a varifocal focus for occupational use:

In order to maximize your comfort and safety, occupational varifocal lenses accommodate a variety of lifestyles, hobbies and employment vision needs. For example, if you frequently work at a specific distance for a considerable period of time, then it would be advantageous to have a wider range of vision.

Based on your vision requirements, they are made or named according to a specific distance from the subject, such as ‘close’, ‘screen’, or ‘room’.

A higher quality varifocal lens has the following characteristics and differences:

  • Viewing areas at a greater distance

  • A larger viewing area for reading

  • Broader field of vision, referred to as the ‘corridor’

  • There is less distortion at the peripherals

In general, lenses can be classified as standard, premium, free form, occupational, lifestyle, or elite in nature.

In essence, advanced varifocal lenses offer a wider field of vision and less peripheral distortion, making them much easier to adjust to.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Frames?

Ideally, you should select a frame that has a large eye size – the larger the eye, the better your vision as you will be able to see a wider range and utilize the lens area fully – although any of our frames, large or small, can be fitted with varifocal lenses. In general, if you pay more, you will receive higher specifications for lenses and coatings as well as improved vision.

Is Varifocal Glasses Easy to Use?

You will quickly become accustomed to varifocals and will find getting used to them very simple.

Ideally, the frame allows you to view into the distance through the top portion of the lens. In order to read, you lower your gaze so that your eyes will look through the lower portion of the lens, the portion of the lens that is designed for reading.

In addition, varifocal lenses are useful for viewing ‘in between’ distances, for example, supermarket shelves or car dashboards, since they have an intermediate power range. You simply lower your head until the view comes into focus by lowering or raising your head. Using varifocals will be very easy for you to learn.

Does Adaptation Take a Long Time?

In spite of the fact that varifocal glasses require some adjustment, the majority of wearers adjust within hours of wearing them and the overall success rate is over 98%. In addition to having a wider field of vision and less edge/peripheral distortion, the latest designs are easiest to adapt to and you will become very comfortable with them within a short period of time.

Is it possible to buy varifocal glasses online?

Selecting varifocal lenses when choosing your lenses is all it takes to purchase varifocal glasses.

In comparison with visiting a high street store, it is faster, more efficient, and less expensive.