Can I Wear Prescription Glasses In My Passport Photo

Can I Wear Prescription Glasses In My Passport Photo 1

Are glasses permitted in passport photos?

If a person requires glasses for medical reasons, they may be permitted to wear them in their passport photo.

What exactly is a passport photo? Can you wear your glasses for your passport photo? If you have any questions before traveling internationally, we hope this handy guide will clarify them.

What are the reasons for most people being unable to wear glasses in passport photos?

There are two reasons why the U.K Department of State prohibits the wearing of eyeglasses in passport photos. The first is for convenience. The second is for security.

In the past, passport applications were frequently denied or delayed as a result of problems associated with eyeglasses. For example, a glare on the lenses would make it difficult to verify the eye color of the individual. An individual’s appearance may change sufficiently so that they would have difficulty confirming their identity.

An easy solution to speed up the passport approval process is to prohibit eyeglasses from being worn in passport photos.

Is it permissible to wear glasses for a passport photo in certain circumstances?

A medical statement signed by your doctor must be presented if your glasses must remain on during your passport photo for medical reasons.

In the case of recent eye surgery, your doctor may require that you wear glasses whenever you travel for safety reasons. You must provide medical documentation proving that your glasses cannot be removed for the photo, even if your vision is severely impaired. In the absence of a written statement from a physician, your eyeglasses must be removed.

It is still necessary to meet the following requirements even if you are permitted to wear your glasses during your passport photo:

  • Your glasses frames cannot cover your eyes.

  • Your eyes will not be obscured by glare on the lenses.

  • Your eyes will not be obscured by the shadows cast by the glasses.

  • Your eyes will not be obscured by refraction (bending of light by the lenses).

Is it possible to wear sunglasses in your passport photo?

Passport photos cannot be taken wearing sunglasses since they obscure your eyes. However, you may wish to purchase a new pair or two for your international adventures.

In passport photos, can children wear glasses?

Parents should bring a signed medical statement for their child if the glasses are medically necessary. Just like adults, children cannot wear glasses in their passport photos unless there is a medical necessity.