Can Prescription Glasses Be Polarized?

Can Prescription Glasses Be Polarized? 1

Is it possible to have polarized prescription glasses?

For Eyes always asks for your preference whenever you purchase eyewear. Polarized lenses are one of our most popular options, as they act as a filter that absorbs horizontal light waves while allowing vertical waves to pass.

The primary benefit of polarized lenses is that they will eliminate glare as they prevent light from traveling in multiple directions. In addition, you will be able to see color more clearly and distinguish distances more accurately with them.

Since polarized lenses offer many benefits, you may be wondering if prescription glasses can be polarized. Please keep reading to learn more.

Is polarization possible on prescription glasses?

Spending time outdoors probably involves encountering water and other surfaces that reflect the sunlight, which results in an intense, blinding glare when in full sun. You may not be able to drive with the sun reflecting from the road. Either way, you may be interested in finding out whether prescription glasses can be polarized in order to reduce the glare from the sun. The good news is, they can!

It is possible to have prescription glasses coated with polarizing coatings in order to eliminate glare and improve the clarity of the images you are viewing. The lenses transmit important data while filtering out any light that interferes with this transmission.

In comparison to regular glasses are polarized glasses better? 

In addition to decreasing glare and providing better vision without eye fatigue, polarized glasses can also make things seem darker through the lenses, yet they can also appear clearer, making them ideal for long distance driving.

Our polarized glasses have UV protection, which means that they will protect your eyes against harmful rays from the sun. You will also notice that your eyes will be more comfortable due to the reduced glare from sunlight.

Glasses with prescriptions and polarization

As a result of polarization on prescription glasses, you will be able to clear your vision through harsh glare caused by the sun reflecting on surfaces. The answer to the question of, “Can prescription glasses be polarized?” is yes. In addition to protecting your eyes from UV light, polarized lenses are also an excellent option for outdoor viewing.

The Independent Doctors of Optometry can perform a comprehensive eye examination to determine your prescription and then place the order for your prescription glasses with polarized lenses.