Do Glasses Change Your Face

Do Glasses Change Your Face 1

Does wearing glasses affect the appearance of your face?

Upon purchasing new glasses, you notice that your facial features look different. Is that a sign that wearing glasses will change your face’s appearance? However, the facts indicate that wearing glasses does not change how your face appears. Your face shape and glasses shape can change how your face looks, depending on the combination of the two. In addition to altering the width of your face, the type of frame you choose also affects how your face appears, causing some people to believe that glasses change the way they appear.

We will examine several factors to consider when choosing a new pair of glasses, and we will attempt to determine whether glasses affect the appearance of your face.

Choosing the right frame for your face shape can be a challenging task. 

When wearing glasses, the best way to maintain a youthful appearance is to find the frames with the best peripheral vision and to avoid putting the frames in direct contact with your face. Your face shapes must be matched with the frames you choose.

Here are some examples of different face shapes and how frames should be selected according to the shape of the face.

The square face: 

It is best to use thin round frames for square faces. The round frames balance out the jawline and provide a softer look around the edges of your face due to their lighter weight. A square face can also benefit from cat-eye frames. A sharp cat-eye frame has thick or thin lines at the top and angles inward to go over the cheekbones, creating a more prominent and angular look of the jawline.

The slim face: 

Small rectangular glasses or small oval glasses would be the best choice for individuals with slim faces. These frames highlight your eyes and cheekbones and will enhance your facial features.

An oval face: 

When it comes to oval face shapes, clear frames are the most recommended choice. These frames soften the angles of your round face while enhancing your jawline and adding structure to your face.

A heart-shaped face:

The best way to enhance the width of your chin area with cat-eye frames is to select frames with an upward tilt. If you select frames with an upward tilt, you will be able to add more height and depth to the forehead area and minimise the width of your chin area.

Requires re-adjustment to a new frame of glasses:

There are times when we fail to replace damaged glasses on time. We continue to use the damaged old glasses for extra time and attempt to see through them continuously. This resulted in your eyes remodeling according to the lens’s vision over time, resulting in your eyes adjusting to the old glasses over time. It is as a result of this that when you buy a new pair of frames and wear them, the new glasses lens is perceived to appear to be slightly brighter even if the prescription for the new glasses is the same as for the old ones. As a result, your eyes produce some uncomfortable symptoms, so we recommend that you use the new glasses early in the morning. After a few hours, your eyes become accustomed to the new glasses and the dizziness of the eyes subsides.

As a final note: 

Choosing the right frame that suits your face will help you maintain a more attractive and flattering appearance. If you have ever wondered whether glasses alter your face appearance, you can rest assured that they do not. However, on some level, it also depends on the frame you choose.