Do Glasses Make You Look More Attractive

Do Glasses Make You Look More Attractive 1

Can you make yourself more attractive by wearing glasses?

It was once believed that wearing glasses made one appear intelligent, or even ‘geekier’. This perception is rooted back to the invention of spectacles. Wearing glasses, however, can give your aura a different appearance, depending on the type of glasses you are wearing. It has been found that they can even increase one’s attractiveness.  

How to choose glasses that enhance your attractiveness

The glasses you wear are essentially a frame for your face.

Consider the fact that your glasses will become a solid frame for your face when selecting the right pair. It’s similar to how changing your hair can transform your entire look. A great pair of glasses should not block your face, as if it’s a mask. In contrast, some individuals use eyeglasses as a subtle component of their protective clothing, particularly in the workplace. Rather than highlighting your best features, it should serve to enhance your personality. It has been proven through scientific research that glasses play a big role in how you’re perceived, which matters greatly when that perception comes from coworkers and bosses. These guidelines will help you choose glasses that can best enhance your appearance.

Consider wearing full-rim glasses to appear smarter

Glasses with a full rim give you an air of coolness and seriousness.

Although it has been stereotyped as the classic nerd glasses, full-rim glasses can actually be helpful in the workplace, especially when applying for a new job or attempting to gain a better reputation. An analysis conducted in 2011 found that wearing full-rim glasses can improve your appearance and make you appear ‘distinctive’. As a result, managers will be more likely to pay attention to you and maintain eye contact with you. Your chances of obtaining the position you are interviewing for could then be increased.

A 2012 study revealed that glasses-wearing individuals are more likely to be studious and achieve high grades on tests. It is also noteworthy that glasses do not just make you look intelligent. For the most part, if you are wearing glasses, you may actually be more intelligent than you think.

Conversely, rimless glasses may enhance your appearance

In addition to making you appear more approachable, you can still appear intellectual if you wear glasses without lenses.

The full-rimmed glasses can assist you in climbing the corporate ladder, but they can also make you appear too serious at times. If you prefer to change it up from time to time, why not opt for rimless glasses instead? By wearing seamless glasses, you will appear more attractive, likable, and trustworthy. You will still possess a smart aura, but you will appear more approachable. In situations where human interaction is a major part of your daily life, this type of perception can be very positive.

Rimless specs may be a better choice if you need to deal with customers on a regular basis. It is the same if you are always in meetings.

What are the disadvantages of wearing glasses?

Bespectacled individuals may find it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle.

Despite the advantages of wearing glasses, it is not without downsides as well. You should consider sports glasses that are lightweight and won’t slip off your nose if you are active all the time. If you are active all the time, consider a frame material that is more durable such as polycarbonate.

It is still important that your glasses feel comfortable on your face even if you do not lead an active lifestyle. To do this, they should be precisely measured. Lastly, be sure to do some research on the store where you intend to purchase your glasses. In some cases, brick-and-mortar stores can be pricey, so you may wish to look into your FSA/HSA or online stores.

What has changed in the perception of glasses across cultures?

In the past, wearing glasses was considered a status symbol for those with the means to attend college.

You read that right. Originally, wearing eyeglasses was considered a status symbol. Starting in the 13th century, eyeglasses were associated with intelligence. The first glasses were shaped from beryl quartz by Italian monks. They were similar to magnifying glasses in function. The first eyeglasses recorded in history did not have arms that covered the ears at that time. In ancient times, monks with farsighted vision held or pinched long transcripts on the bridge of their noses to read long texts. However, things changed when mass media was introduced. In the 15th century, newspapers were published, and more people wanted glasses to read the news. As a result, glasses became a status symbol. Wearing glasses in ancient times was regarded as an indication of wealth and education. Thus, the connection between glasses and smartness was established.

In the 2000s, you will see how the perception around wearing glasses has evolved. While it remains associated with intelligence, it has developed a tad of sophistication. Take a look at today’s television shows and films, and you’ll understand what we mean. There is a wide range of characters that can be categorised as bespectacled in modern pop culture, ranging from the ‘hot librarian’ to the ‘geeky nerd’ to the mad scientist. In addition to being a tool for transformation, it can also be used. Superman, for example, wears glasses to feign an ultimate disguise. In these circumstances, glasses have become an integral part of the character rather than merely an accessory. For regular people, glasses have also become a vital part of their personal identity and self-expression.

The glasses on your face can serve as photo frames!

There is no doubt that glasses can make you appear more attractive rather than the opposite. It is simply a matter of finding the right ones to complement your facial characteristics.