Glasses That Make Your Eyes Bigger

Glasses That Make Your Eyes Bigger 1

The best glasses to make your eyes appear larger

Looking for larger, more captivating eyes? Your eyewear can do more than just improve your vision. It can also change the way you look by enlarging your eyes. Here are some of our favorite designs from Low Cost Glasses that we hope will enhance your natural features.

  1. Frames without rims

  2. Frames with cat eyes

  3. Frames of round shape

  4. Frames that are oversize

  5. Frames with low bridges

  6. Bridge frames with keyholes

1. Glasses without rims

Your eyes are unobstructed by rimless glasses.

If you have a smaller face or desire a subtle appearance, Rimless glasses are a good choice. They have no more rim around the lenses, which creates an open and airy appearance, making your eyes appear larger.

2. Glasses with cat-eyes

In addition to creating the illusion of larger eyes, small cat-eye glasses can give the appearance of an elongated eye shape.

With a cat-eye shape, the eyes appear raised and larger as a result of an upward sweep that mimics the natural lift of the eyes.

Glasses of round shape

When paired with your eye shape, round frames can create a striking contrast.

As a result of the circular shape of the lenses contrasting with the oval shape of the eye, stylish round glasses are able to balance out angular features and appear larger.  

4. Oversized eyeglasses

An excessively large pair of glasses can magnify your eyes, causing them to appear larger than they actually are.

It is possible to appear to have larger eyes with oversized glasses since they cover a greater area of the face, creating the illusion of larger eyes when compared to the rest of your facial features.  

5. Glasses with a low bridge

Eyeglasses with a lower bridge elongate the eye area, giving the appearance that the eyes are larger.

When you wear glasses with a low bridge, the lenses are lowered on your face, which creates more space between your eyes and the tops of the frames, which has the effect of magnifying your eyes.

6. Glasses with a keyhole bridge

Your eyes can be drawn to your keyhole bridge glasses in a stylish and effective manner.

The keyhole bridge on glasses gives the illusion that the eyes are larger by drawing attention to the center of the face. Because of this, the eyes are given the appearance of being larger.  

Your eye size can be affected by the lenses you wear

Lens features can have a significant impact on the appearance of your eyes in addition to frame styles. The following are some lens features that can affect your eyes’ appearance:

The appearance of larger eyes is enhanced by thinner lenses

A high-index lens is made with a greater index of refraction, so it can be made thinner and lighter than traditional lenses. Thinner lenses enhance your eyes’ appearance by making them appear bigger and more streamlined.  

A polycarbonate lens is 30% thinner and lighter than a plastic lens.

Additionally, plastic lenses enhance the appearance of large eyes

Lenses made of polycarbonate are more impact-resistant and lighter than traditional lenses. They can be used to enhance the appearance of your eyes by creating a sleeker look.  

Glare and reflections are reduced by anti-reflective coatings on glasses, which enhance the size and brightness of the eye.

A coating minimizes distractions, allowing your eyes to focus on the beauty around you

In addition to reducing reflections and glare on the lenses, anti-reflective coatings can enhance the appearance of your eyes. You can effectively reduce distractions by minimizing reflections and glare on the lenses.  

A blue light filter lens will make you appear more alert

It is possible to reduce eye strain by wearing blue light filter eyeglasses by blocking out blue light emitted by electronic screens, which can cause your eyes to appear more alert.

Progressive lenses can help you maintain a healthy vision

A progressive lens can correct both distance and close-up vision by gradually increasing prescription strength from the top of the lens to the bottom. Your eyes can appear more balanced and proportionate when you transition more naturally between different areas of vision.