Glasses for women: Get the look you want

It is possible to find women’s spectacles and frames in a number of shapes and sizes in order to suit nearly every taste. However, finding the correct spectacle frame to suit your desired look can be difficult.

Shopping for popular women’s eyeglass styles will be easier and more enjoyable if you follow the following tips:

Identify the best women’s spectacle frames

The following are some important things you should consider before visiting an optician to purchase glasses:

  • Is your preference to have a frame that is delicate or bold, retro or modern, conservative or “out there”?

  • What are your favorite current fashion trends?

  • Would you like to wear the glasses all the time, at work, or just on specific occasions or activities?

  • Are you interested in a designer label?

  • What is the color of your hair and what is the tone of your skin?

  • What are the main colors that you use in your wardrobe?

  • What is your face shape?

  • Is there anything you like or dislike about your current spectacles?

The best way to find comfortable and well-fitting spectacles

The results of consumer studies have shown that women are more concerned with the appearance of eyeglasses, whereas men are more concerned with the comfort and fit of the frames.

Even if you buy spectacles that look great, you won’t want to wear them if they are uncomfortable. If you are not comfortable wearing them, you are not getting your money’s worth.

In this case, an optician can be of great assistance. For example:

  • A frame that looks good but slides off your nose can be corrected by your optician during the final fitting by adjusting the temple length or the way the ears are fitted.

  • Your optician will be able to order the frame in a different size if the front of the frame is too wide. If the frame you like is not available in a size that suits you, he or she will help you find a style that is similar to the one you like.

  • The nose pads may be replaced with more comfortable ones by your optician or you may be able to find a similar spectacle frame style that fits well and feels comfortable to you.

  • The optician may be able to help you find frames with a bridge that fits your nose comfortably and securely if the frame has an excessively steep bridge over your nose.

Spectacle frames for women that are durable

It seems that men are more interested in durability of glasses than women. However, you do not want to purchase a frame that falls apart after a short period of time.

The ability to identify cheaply made frames that will not last as long as well-made spectacle frames may be difficult when purchasing spectacle frames. Your optician can point out the quality differences between frames that may look similar, but have different levels of material quality and craftsmanship.

As an expert on frame durability, opticians know which frames customers return for repairs and which ones create few or no complaints.

What is the number of frames you require?

There is no reason why women would hesitate to purchase more than one pair of spectacles, just as they would not hesitate to buy more than one handbag or pair of shoes.

If you consider the following, it is okay to view spectacles as an additional fun fashion accessory:

  • Check with your eye care practitioner. Many optical stores offer special discounts, including “two-for-one” or “buy one, get one half-off.” You can often purchase new spectacles for less than the cost of new shoes or a designer handbag.

  • The frames of spectacles usually last a long time, unless they are extremely cheap.

    If you are like most spectacle wearers, your prescription will not change every year, and you’ll probably retain your frames for a long time and get a great deal of value from them. Why would you wear the same spectacles every day? You probably do not wear the same shoes or earrings every day, so why would you wear the same spectacles every day?

  • There is more to eyewear than just a medical device.

    There are some women who believe that gold or silver frames go with everything. Does that apply to you?

If you are wearing jeans, you may prefer a copper-colored metal frame, but for work you might prefer a sophisticated tortoise plastic frame and for an evening out, a pretty rhinestone-studded frame. If you have a limited budget, then please choose one frame that you will be satisfied with wearing with any outfit and in any situation. Opticians are skilled at finding such frames for their customers.

Look and see your best with anti-reflective coating

In choosing eyewear, women place great emphasis on appearance. And nothing interferes with the appearance of an otherwise attractive pair of glasses more than distracting reflections in the lenses.

Choose lenses with anti-reflective coatings for the most attractive eyewear.

A coating that is anti-reflective (AR) eliminates reflections of light on the front and back of your spectacle lenses, thus increasing the visibility of your spectacle frame and your eyes.

Moreover, AR coating increases the clarity and comfort of your vision by eliminating reflections – especially in low-light conditions such as when you are driving at night.

Having an AR coating on your eyeglasses will help you look and see your best, and should be considered a necessity for any pair of women’s spectacles.