How Do Prescription Sunglasses Work

How Do Prescription Sunglasses Work 1

How Do Prescription Sunglasses Work?

If you wear prescription glasses every day, it’s time to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. If you strain your eyes trying to see while wearing non-prescription sunglasses outside, it’s time for you to invest in prescription sunglasses to wear outdoors. Prescription sunglasses offer you clear vision along with eye protection.

Moreover, prescription sunglasses will not only protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, but they will also assist you in seeing better, reducing eye strain, and preventing squinting. For more information about prescription sunglasses, including what they are, why they are beneficial, and how to add your prescription online, read on.

It is common for people who require prescription lenses to wear non-prescription sunglasses. However, these symptoms are far from ideal when combined with the sun, sea, sand, and sunscreen, as they can result in eye strain, headaches, and frustration because they cannot see clearly in the sun.

You can choose prescription lenses for your sunglasses, so that you can sunbathe, hike, and engage in outdoor sports comfortably. The prescription lenses can be ordered to accommodate nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, and they can also be ordered with progressive lenses.

Is it worth it to purchase prescription sunglasses?

You will benefit from prescription sunglasses once you invest in them. Here are some reasons why:

  • On sunny days, they provide clear and protected vision

  • To prevent future eye problems, they ensure that your eyes are not straining outside

  • You no longer need to carry two pairs of glasses with you at all times

  • It is more comfortable to wear sunglasses than contact lenses

What is the cost of prescription sunglasses?

Since prescription sunglasses require lenses customized to your specific prescription, they are more expensive than non-prescription sunglasses.

There is however a tendency for in-store prescription lens sunglasses to be more expensive than those purchased online.

What to consider when choosing prescription sunglasses

It is possible to make sunglasses with prescription lenses out of a variety of materials, including high-index lenses, polycarbonate lenses, CR-39 plastic lenses, trivex lenses and even glass lenses. You should consider several types of prescription lenses when choosing prescription lenses for your sunnies.


Online shopping for prescription sunglasses is convenient and easy, and different types of lenses can be customized. Prescription sunglasses combine clear vision and eye protection.

Prescription lenses that are photochromic

Your lenses will become darker in the sun and clearer indoors when you wear them with a photochromic tint, which means they will automatically adapt to the ambient light conditions.

Prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses

In addition to providing better visual comfort and reducing eye fatigue, polarised sunglasses greatly eliminate glare. These sunglasses are ideal for people who spend a great deal of time near water, snow, on the road, or playing outdoor sports.

Lenses with color-matching capabilities

In this case, our manufacturers will match your prescription lenses to the same colour as the original sunglasses’ lenses, ensuring you will still get UV protection and look fashionable as well as offering UV protection.

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses

In order to achieve the best possible visibility, you may opt for mirrored prescription sunglasses. Mirrored lenses have a coating that helps to reflect light away from your eyes more efficiently than tinted glasses.

Before you begin shopping for glasses, please contact your optician to ensure that you have the correct and most current prescription

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