How Long Does It Take For Glasses To Get Ready

How Long Does It Take For Glasses To Get Ready 1

How Long Does It Take For Glasses To Get Ready

As we go about our daily routines, our vision plays a major role. Without eyesight, we would find doing many of the tasks we perform very difficult or nearly impossible. Over half of all adults in the UK wear prescription glasses to manage their personal and professional activities. For people who have to wear prescription frames, the time it takes to obtain new prescription eyewear can be particularly important. Prescription frames typically require a period of time to be made.

Developing new prescription glasses

It depends on a variety of factors whether you will receive your new prescription eyeglasses within a reasonable amount of time. The following factors affect the time that it takes most patients to receive new eyeglasses:

  • It may take longer to fill a unique prescription.

  • Materials for lenses include glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and Trivex, all of which have different availability and requirements.

  • The coatings on some lenses are necessary to make them useful, such as UV protection or scratch resistance.

  • A prescription glasses frame can be made of a variety of materials, shapes, and styles.

When it comes to creating frames, it is determined by how long it takes to match a lens shape with the materials, coatings, and frames.

Awaiting new glasses

The average delivery time for a new pair of prescription eyewear is between seven and fourteen days. This timeframe is also dependent upon where you obtain your prescription filled. Typically, brick-and-mortar vision stores deliver orders within one to two weeks. If necessary, a professional can ensure that the prescription glasses are fit correctly and make any necessary adjustments when you pick them up. It is possible to have your order delivered directly to you in a store, but you may need to make adjustments at the store.

It is important to check with a provider for average delivery times, especially if you are under a time crunch. If your prescription is processed at a doctor’s office, timing will vary, but most of the time, a one- to two-week window applies. Your frames will be examined by the doctor, much like they would in a vision store, to determine whether they fit well and if any fine tuning is necessary.

According to the standard or default shipping option, online stores usually fulfill prescriptions within one to three weeks. Additionally, the delivery time will depend on whether orders are processed in-house or outsourced, which may be located overseas in some cases. Online stores usually ship directly. You may be able to get free adjustments from your vision store if you take your frames there.

Getting the most out of your new glasses

Glass deliveries are becoming faster and faster every day. Even with a seven- to ten-day delivery window, most customers receive notification within three to four days that their order is ready. Please note that special orders, such as safety prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses, may require additional time, particularly in regard to lens fabrication. A new set of glasses that correct your vision with the perfect fit and ideal style makes the wait worthwhile when you experience the comfort and confidence you feel. Rather than having to repeat the process annually, you may only have to do so once every few years.