How To Add Prescription To Quay Glasses

How To Add Prescription To Quay Glasses 1

How To Add Prescription To Quay Glasses

You have just received your prescription from your optometrist and now you are looking for a pair of specs you can wear in style. For a selection that is sure to turn heads, check out QuayRx frames to serve you every day. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find stylish prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses at Quay that you’ll love. It includes all the necessary information on how to shop.

Get to know your face shape

Choosing the perfect glasses requires a thorough understanding of your face shape. There are four major types of face shapes: round, square, oval, and heart-shaped. Find the glasses that balance your appearance. Transparent round glasses soften square faces, whereas transparent square frames complement round faces. On our site, shop by face shape to find the perfect frame for your face shape. The rules aren’t hard and fast, but they can provide you with guidance towards the perfect fit.

As well as the shape of your face, your face size also plays a role. So if your options seem a bit oversized to you, also consider our styles for people with smaller faces. In addition to standards and minis, our specs are available with low bridges and oversized fits as well.

The Style You Want

Featuring a wide range of eyeglass frames to serve all looks, including prescription glasses, we have them all! With our trendy selection, you can effortlessly flaunt a pair with the perfect frame shape, including womens round glasses, womens square glasses, metal cat-eye glasses, plastic aviator glasses, shield glasses, panto glasses, fullrim geometric glasses, and more. You may have a favourite colour? Choose from a muted brown or a vivid pink. We do not skimp on the details, either. There are a variety of gold embellishments and two-tone frames to choose from

Here are some reasons why you should buy prescription glasses online

In the present day, it has become easier than ever to wear prescription glasses. If you wonder what your glasses prescription is, you can get it checked by visiting your eyecare professional. There are many options available, but you are not limited to stores and opticians. If you do not feel comfortable with the specs you see at your optometrist’s office, you can find stylish picks online, regardless of the shape, colour, or fit that you prefer.

Among the features of Quay’s prescription glasses are:

  • Blue light technology

  • Anti-reflective, scratch + smudge-resistant coating

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

  • High-index lenses

With every pair of £100 glasses, each of these features is included without additional charge.

Information regarding prescriptions

Ensure that the prescription you have is unexpired and includes the pupillary distance. As long as you have an unexpired prescription, you should be able to submit. We fill single vision prescriptions with astigmatism between +4 and -6. To refresh your memory, single vision lenses are designed to correct a specific field of vision, such as distance, intermediate, or reading, through the entire lens.

Finding Your Pupillary Distance

We need your pupillary distance (PD) in order to create your eyeglass frames. Pupillary distances are the distance between pupils — this number indicates where your prescription should be centered. In the event that your prescription does not specify pupillary distance, you may be able to easily measure it at home by aligning your ruler’s zero point over the center of one pupil. Measure to the center of the other pupil. You should be able to determine your pupillary distance in millimeters by the number you obtain.

Lens Thickness

We offer high-index lenses at Quay at no additional cost, which are thinner and lighter than standard polycarbonate lenses, which serve specs appeal. As a result, high-index lenses are more comfortable and have an aesthetically pleasing finish than standard polycarbonate lenses. Thinner frames are often more noticeable with thick lenses, as they use less material.

Blue Light Protection

People may experience disturbed sleep and weary eyes when exposed to blue light, a high energy visible (HEV) light often emitted by digital screens. Our prescription lenses are equipped with blue light-filtering technology that filters out certain high intensity ultraviolet (HEV) lights, since we are committed to practicing safe eye care.