How To Clean Prescription Glasses With Anti Glare Coating

How To Clean Prescription Glasses With Anti Glare Coating 1

How to Clean Eyeglasses With an Anti-Reflective Coating

You may notice glare and light reflections wherever you live, especially in sunny areas. Glare can be dangerous when you’re driving since it can hinder your ability to see the road clearly. You use your eyeglasses to reduce the effects of glare and light reflections.

In order to avoid glare and light reflections while wearing your glasses, we can add an antireflective (or antiglare) coating to your lenses. To get the most use out of these lenses, it is important to understand how they work and what you can do to maintain them.

What makes anti-reflective lenses worth the care and maintenance? Let’s discuss how to clean eyeglasses with anti-reflective coatings.

What are the benefits of an anti-reflective coating?

It is recommended to get anti-reflective coatings for glasses. The American Optometric Association (AOA) states that this type of lens can improve how much light is absorbed, which in turn can improve your vision.

It is beneficial to use anti-reflective coatings for the following purposes:

  • Athletes

  • Computer users

  • Vehicle drivers

Anti-glare coatings reduce reflections as well as ensure a clear view of your eyes. If you are talking to someone, they will be able to see your eyes, indicating that you are paying attention.

How to Clean Eyeglasses With an Anti-Reflective Coating

You should continue to clean your anti-glare eyeglasses on a daily basis to ensure that they remain in good condition. Anti-glare eyeglasses, like other types of eyewear, are susceptible to smudging.

Following is a guide to cleaning anti-reflective eyeglasses:

Step #1: Gather your cleaning supplies and rinse the lenses.

To clean the anti-reflective lenses on your eyeglasses, you need to clean them with lukewarm water and Dawn dish soap. You can also get eyeglass cleaning solutions from your optometrist. Avoid cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

In addition to a clean microfiber cloth, you should also wash your hands before beginning this task. Once you have clean your hands, rinse the lenses under warm water for a few seconds.

Step #2: Add a tiny bit of cleaning solution to the lenses.

The time has come to clean the lenses with eyeglass cleaner or Dawn dish soap. Make sure you do not use more than a pea-sized amount of cleaner per lens.

Step #3: Massage the cleaner into the lenses and frames.

In order to ensure your glasses are clean, you should use soap or eyeglass cleaner to clean the lenses first. After that, you should use the soap to thoroughly clean the frames and nose pads.

Step #4: Run lukewarm water over your eyeglasses.

Make sure the soap is completely removed by running your eyewear under lukewarm water. Look over your eyeglasses to make sure the cleaner has been removed. Otherwise, your anti-glare glasses may become smudges.

Step #5: Dry your frames with a microfiber cloth.

When you come in for eyewear, your local optical store can provide you with one of the best eyeglass cleaning cloths for free. After shaking the eyeglasses over the sink, make sure there is no water left on them and then carefully dry them with your microfiber cloth.

Cleaning eyewear with an anti-glare coating

You should wash your eyewear regularly to maintain the quality of an anti-glare coating. This coating prevents reflections from objects in the light, which can reduce the amount of glare during the day and night.

To clean eyeglasses with an anti-reflective coating, follow these steps:

  • You should wash your hands before you begin, and prepare your materials for the task. You should prepare a sink with warm water, Dawn dish soap or an eyeglass cleaning solution, as well as a microfiber cloth.

  • Do not forget to rub the soap into the frames as well, after placing a pea-sized amount of cleaner on the lenses.

  • The lenses and frames should be cleaned with lukewarm water to remove any soap residue.

  • Dry your eyewear with your microfiber cloth.

When you take proper care of your eyeglasses, you will be able to wear them for longer, resulting in better vision than you have ever experienced before.