How To Fix Glasses Arm Hinge Metal

How To Fix Glasses Arm Hinge Metal 1

How To Fix Glasses Arm Hinge

When glasses break, it is more than just an inconvenience. When a person gets attached to certain frames because they become a part of their style and identity, it makes sense to look for a fix rather than a replacement after spending time and money maintaining your prescription. The damage to a broken glasses arm can be repaired with a number of DIY methods, including eyeglass repair kits, glue, and a variety of other methods based upon the nature of the damage.


The first thing you want to do after hearing that unfortunate crack is to figure out where the damage is. It is always advisable not to attempt DIY repairs because you may suffer further damage. You can always take the frame to an optician to replace the frame properly if you are unsure whether you are able to complete the necessary repairs.

Bent metal frames can be gently reformed back into their original shape, but if you force them, you can cause additional damage. If you have metal frames, do not try to repair them at home. As intense heat can melt your lenses, welding broken metal together is typically a job best left to professionals, and is typically best left to the experts.

There are a few types of repairs you can undertake when dealing with plastic frames. Since the arms are usually thicker, they do not require welding. Once you have identified a break or crack, you can proceed with the next steps.


You can break your glasses arm through a number of different means. It can happen when your glasses fall off, when you step on them, or when you sit on them accidentally; it may also occur simply as a result of general wear and tear.

If the hinge screw holding the arm and frame together becomes sufficiently weakened over time, it can fall out or even break. If the arm itself snaps, it leaves a much shorter reach that is unable to hold the frame to your head. There are specific repair procedures for each type of damage.

Repair kit for eyeglasses

Most drugstores, supermarkets, or optometrists sell basic eyeglass repair kits, which contain a variety of small tools that can be used to fix a variety of eyeglass problems. Spare nose pads, magnifiers, grips, and the most important thing, replacement hinge screws and screwdrivers, are included in these packages.

A screw from the kit can be used to replace the lost screw. Simple, right?

Super Glue

It may be necessary to use something more extensive than a screw if the arm has snapped in two. A dab of super glue can be used to bond two pieces together if the arm has snapped in two.

It is recommended that you clean the frames thoroughly before beginning the project, and that you protect the lenses with paper while you work, and that you wait for the glue to fully dry before wearing the glasses.

A slight change in the structure of your glasses may affect their fit, depending on where the break is located. This method will not completely repair your glasses, and they will likely be weaker at the place where they are glued together.

The Toothpick Hack

If your hinge screw breaks while you are out on the town, what will you do?

Although a toothpick may not be the first thing to come to mind, some people swear by using a toothpick, or even a staple, to make a temporary fix. Place the dental pick into the screw slot, trim any excess, and you’re good to go.

The possibility of further damage exists with every DIY fix. It is recommended that you consult with your optician before attempting any at-home repairs.


Accidents happen, and glasses can break. Sometimes they are too damaged to repair, and we understand that losing them can be very upsetting. People wear glasses to express themselves, and it is not uncommon for them to become attached to their favorite pair.