How To Get Prescription Cartier Glasses

How To Get Prescription Cartier Glasses 1

How To Get Prescription Cartier Glasses

A luxury brand that is regarded as one of the most well-known in the world was born in 1847 when Louis-François Cartier purchased the workshop of Parisian master craftsman Adolphe Picard.

A French princess was the first person to wear Cartier’s custom-made, diamond-encrusted opera glasses in 1887, when the company became known for its fine jewelry and watches. Cartier’s luxurious glasses were only available by special order for the most discriminating customers for the next 96 years.

It was 1983 when Cartier debuted its first line of mass-produced optical glasses, which featured the same high-quality materials, sophisticated details, and expert craftsmanship that have made the brand so well known for years.

In spite of the high price point, Cartier eyeglasses are among the most sought after on the market, with the majority costing well over $1,000. Although there are fewer options under $1,000, there are still a number available between $500 and 900.

It is recommended that you visit an “approved optician” in order to view the entire collection of Cartier eyewear. You may also be able to purchase a few eyeglasses at select retailers in person and online.

Why buy Cartier glasses?

Like their jewelry, Cartier optical glasses are crafted using the same fine craftsmanship that is synonymous with their world-recognized reputation for refined, classic luxury and superior quality.

Some of Cartier’s less expensive glasses feature acetate frames, although some are made from ‘noble materials’ including wood and horn.

It should be noted that although these frames are mass produced, they are designed and produced by expert craftspeople who display the same precision and care as the company’s famed jewelry techniques. In addition, every pair of frames is hand finished to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Cartier eyeglasses cost

Typically, Cartier glasses cost between £400 and £4,700. Before you visit your optician, you should take the time to look online and determine what type of glasses you are interested in and can afford — but be aware that, depending on your prescription, there may also be additional costs.

In terms of costs, the following should be considered:

  • Material of the frame – If you are looking to purchase a pair of these luxurious designer glasses, but are not able to afford to spend thousands of dollars, your best option will be to purchase a pair with an acetate frame. These are typically less than or just over £790 in price.

  • Frame style – Rimmed and framed glasses are less expensive than rimless glasses because it is more difficult to produce an invisible pair of glasses.

  • Detail of the frame – The more details incorporated into the frame (hinge style, embellishments, etc.), the higher the price.

Collections of Cartier eyewear for men and women

As well as offering sophisticated, distinctive designs for men and women, Cartier also offers a variety of unisex options with refined, distinct designs. Several of Cartier’s collections offer lenses that can be framed, rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless and are available in a variety of shapes, including metal oval glasses, sharp rectangular glasses, and slim cat-eye glasses.

They have a number of important collections, including:

Each pair of Cartier Panthère de Cartier glasses is adorned with a handmade design element. Depending on the frame style, expect to see the company’s well-known pouncing panther on the hinges or a three-dimensional panther face on the rim.

Première de Cartier – This line is available in several frame styles (including aviator glasses and an clear cat-eye glasses), and emphasises modern lines. The iconic “C” is engraved on the arms, which are finished with titanium and ruthenium, a silvery white alloy.

Louis Cartier – Inspired by the brand’s storied history, this collection has a bold and elegant hinge that is complemented by carefully selected gems and is available in yellow, white, or pink 18-carat solid gold.

The Santos de Cartier collection features the Santos screw as a symbol that is recognizable, and in some designs, the screw is functional, while in others, multiple screws are incorporated as part of the design. A variety of lenses are available, including aviator sunglasses.

The C décor collection includes a variety of glasses with temples made of precious wood and emblazoned with gold or platinum.

Frames made of buffalo horn (“Buffies”) by Cartier

It can be seen in some of Cartier’s frames that they use horns from Asian water buffalo. (Cartier states clearly that they only use buffalo horns that have been collected domestically, in compliance with the international conventions on protected species.)

It is not uncommon for only a small portion of some of these horns to meet the very high standards set by Cartier, even though they may be quite long.

It is particularly important to note that buffalo horn is not only beautiful but also exceptionally light in weight, which means that while Cartier’s craftspeople layer pieces of horn to create their signature elegant and exotic look, the frames remain slim rather than bulky.

Cartier sunglasses are also made of buffalo horn – these shades are commonly referred to as “Buffies.” Rapper Rich Ken has popularized these shades. He has composed a song about Cartier’s white buffalo horn sunglasses called “All White Buffies.” The whiter the sunglasses, the more desirable they are in Detroit.

How to spot fake Cartier glasses

Whether you are purchasing new or vintage Cartier glasses in-person or online, it is important to know that you are purchasing the real thing. Online or in-person, there are many knockoffs available that can trick an untrained eye.

If you wish to purchase Cartier glasses, you should first examine the overall quality of the glasses in order to determine if they are authentic. You will be able to detect fake Cartier glasses by seeing the paint chipping, scratches on the frames, and misspelled words – all of these are simple indicators.

As well as taking a close look at various parts of the glasses and any engravings or etchings, there are several more specific ways to detect a fake.

Examine the Cartier engravings

In addition to having the distinctive engravings of older Cartier glasses, it is important to look for the brand’s trademark logo in italic font, which has appeared on every piece of Cartier jewelry since the early 1910s. You will find the signature inside each frame of Cartier eyewear, along with a seven-digit serial number. Make sure that both the words “Cartier” and “Paris” appear on the inner temples by carefully examining the gold engravings. Because these glasses are made with such high-quality materials, there should be no scuffs or discolorations on them. The engravings should be flush against the wood or metal surface (not raised) and the metal should not chip.

Besides the bridge measurements engraved across the bridge, original Cartier glasses also bear the Cartier signature on both nose pieces.

Also, you can find the signature etched into each lens. To see it, use a magnifying glass or jeweler’s magnifying glass. The engravings should be clean and even, not stamped. It is important to examine each lens carefully since counterfeit Cartier glasses often skip the lens signature or do it poorly.

Online shopping can make it difficult to discern these engravings. Make sure you check the retailer’s return policy prior to making a purchase.

Verify the Cartier warranty card & leather case

In order to ensure authenticity, Cartier glasses should be sold with a hard leather case, cleaning cloth, and a certificate guaranteeing authenticity. If you are buying your glasses from an individual rather than a retailer, please ask for the certificate, case, and serial number before you purchase.

You should verify the details of these glasses at a Cartier store or contact Cartier in order to verify that the information you have received pertains to an original pair of Cartier glasses before you purchase them.


If you would like an authentic pair of Cartier glasses, you should be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money, even if they are purchased through an online retailer. In general, cheap Cartier glasses, especially ones that are 75% cheaper than their full retail price, are fakes, since stores will not sell Cartier glasses below their cost, even when they are available online.

Purchasing vintage Cartier glasses

Similarly to rapper Gucci Mane, you may be able to find vintage Cartier frames online if you are interested in getting a pair. However, unless you know the seller’s reputation, you may end up with a convincing replica. There are entire sections on eBay and 1stDibs dedicated to older Cartier eyewear, many of which are fraudulent.

Authenticity can be determined by examining the price of antique glasses, just as it is with the purchase of new glasses. Old Cartier models that were manufactured for mass production are likely to have similar prices, if not more, than new ones. Also, any optical glasses produced prior to 1983 will likely sell for a higher price due to the fact that they were made as special orders.

It is recommended that you review the certification and receive the serial number before making your purchase in order to ensure that your purchase will be worth the investment.

Shop Cartier eyeglasses

It is true that purchasing glasses in person requires a bit more time and effort than ordering online. However, given the cost to purchase glasses from Cartier, the trip may be worthwhile. Taking the time to try each pair on will allow you to have a clearer picture of their appearance and feel.

If you choose to purchase your glasses online or from a brick-and-mortar retailer, ensure that they are authentic so that you do not face any surprises in the future.

Buy Cartier glasses in-person

An approved optician’s office is the most convenient place for Cartier customers to purchase their eyeglasses. There, you can speak with a specialist who can help you decide on the appropriate frames and lens shape based on your style, preferences and price range. You will also be able to ask them any questions regarding the brand or collection.

Wholesale Cartier glasses

There are also some wholesale sites that sell Cartier glasses. These wholesale sites offer lower prices than the in-store or other online retailers, so these sites are quite appealing to potential customers.

The most important thing is to make sure you purchase the real deal from an authorized retailer, not a replica. If the site uses the words “replica” or “cartier-style” in their description, that is an indication that the glasses are not authentic Cartier glasses.

It is important to remember that, regardless of where or how you choose to purchase a luxury product such as designer eyewear, you will be making a substantial investment. Therefore, you should take the time to do your research.