How To Hide High Prescription Glasses

How To Hide High Prescription Glasses 1

The 4 best ways to conceal high prescription glasses!

Would you like to hide your high-prescription glasses and feel confident in your frames? Do you feel self-conscious about them? Do you avoid social situations or avoid photos because of them? Fear not! This blog post will explain how to hide them and feel comfortable in them.

Our eyewear experts provide all the tips and tricks you need to find the perfect frame shape and lenses that will complement your face shape. Say goodbye to insecurity and welcome to stylish eyewear!

Why are thick lenses uncomfortable for wearers?

  • The presence of thick frames can cause a person to appear like a Coke bottle, causing one to feel self-conscious about one’s appearance

  • Increasing the weight of glasses makes them uncomfortably heavy for daily use

  • Limitations on the number of frames that can be used for your glasses

  • Lenses with thick edges are susceptible to chipping

How To Hide High Prescription Glasses?

Here are a few tips for enjoying wearing glasses without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable.

Choosing the right material

You may not know that most glasses lenses are manufactured with a material known as CR39, but here’s a little secret: there are a number of other materials that can make your lenses thinner and lighter! The added bonus of these materials is that they are not easy on your nose and they are more shatter-resistant. Therefore, why stick with the same old boring lens when you could be wearing something fresh and exciting?

Make use of rolled and polished edges

Normally, we pay attention to the frame and style of eyeglasses. However, have you ever noticed that chalky edge around the lenses? It can be distracting and detract from the overall appearance of your spectacles.

Your optician will be able to polish your glasses until they shine like a diamond. If you ask your optician for this simple upgrade the next time you are purchasing new glasses or adjusting your glasses, you will reduce the appearance of the edge.

Choosing the right frames

The thickness of your lenses should not prevent you from finding the perfect frame. With a few helpful tips, you can select a stylish frame that conceals thick lenses effectively.

Here are some options to consider:

  • For more coverage and to prevent thicker lenses from showing through the edges of frames, choose frames with deeper lenses.

  • It is recommended that you select small round glasses or small oval glasses in order to create the illusion that the lenses are thinner.

  • You may wish to consider frames with smaller bridge sizes or adjustable nose pads in order to prevent slippage caused by heavy lenses when wearing glasses.

  • A high-index lens, which provides excellent vision correction while being thinner and lighter than standard lenses, may be an option to consider.

No matter what kind of prescription you require, these suggestions will help you find glasses that look great and feel comfortable.

Consider anti-reflective lenses

As a person who wears glasses, you may be aware of the difficulties associated with thicker lenses. They can not only weigh your frames down, but they also tend to reflect more light, resulting in pesky reflections and glares. However, would you be interested in finding out if there was a way to virtually eliminate those lenses?

It will be easier for your frames to sit comfortably on your face by selecting lenses that minimize reflections, so your eyes will again be the focal point of your frames. Your peepers will be more attractive to others as less glare bounces off the lens surface and they will focus on the beauty of your eyes instead.