How To Remove Tint From Prescription Glasses

How To Remove Tint From Prescription Glasses 1

How To Remove Tint From Prescription Glasses

It is common for prescription glasses to have a tint in order to reduce glare and protect the eyes. However, some people do not like that tint and wish to remove it, as long as they are able to use the glasses.

In order to remove tint from prescription glasses, a few tools can be used. To remove the tint from the glasses, mix a solution of bleach and hot water 50-50 and leave it for around an hour. This solution will eventually remove the tint. Alcohol, water, and dish soap can also be used to remove the tint.

Follow the steps below to learn how to remove the tint from prescription glasses in detail.

How to Safely Remove Tint From Prescription Glasses

The process of removing tint from prescription glasses can easily be performed at home.

For effective removal of the tint from prescription glasses, you can try any of the following tried-and-tested methods that require only a few inexpensive tools.

Bleach & Water Solution

To remove the tint, you can use household bleach and water. The process should take approximately an hour.

What You’ll Need

It is likely that you already have some bleach at home If not, you can find it in most grocery stores. You can also use hydrogen peroxide, but bleach is more effective.

  1. Bleach in liquid form for making a solution with water

  2. Plastic scraper for gently removing the tint

  3. A wide shallow bowl for dipping the glasses into the solution

The process

You can remove the tint using a bleach and hot water solution by following these steps:

  1. In a bowl, combine 50 percent bleach with 50 percent hot water.

  2. Once the glasses have been in the bowl for 30 minutes or an hour, pull them out and check them.

  3. Using the plastic scraper, gently scrape off the tint if the tint does not come off after removing the glasses from the solution.

Isopropyl Alcohol, Soap, and Water

Prescription glasses can be cleaned by soaking them in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and dish soap.

What You’ll Need:

–   At least 70% strength Isopropyl Alcohol for loosening up the tint

–   Dish soap to help loosen the tint

–   Microfiber cleaning cloth, for wiping down the glasses after tint removal

The Process

The steps below will help you remove tint using this solution.

  1. Add equal parts of alcohol, dish soap, and hot water to a solution of hot water.

  2. Make sure the glasses are submerged in the solution.

  3. Within a few minutes, you will see the lens peeling off.

  4. The microfiber cloth can be used to further agitate the lens in order for it to peel off.

  5. Dry it with a clean part of the cloth.

You may be able to remove the tint more successfully from plastic or polycarbonate lenses than from glasses. It would be best to take your glasses to an optometrist if you have glass lenses.

In conclusion

If you use these household items, you will be able to remove the tint from prescription glasses. You may have to exert some elbow grease, but in the long run, you will save considerable amounts of money.


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