How To Swim With Prescription Glasses

How To Swim With Prescription Glasses 1

How To Swim With Prescription Glasses

As summer is still a long way away, you are unlikely to be heading down to the beach for a quick swim anytime soon. However, you can still choose to swim regularly at your local pool and we offer a number of products to assist you in preparing for your trip.

1. Continue to use your glasses

You might wonder how you could enjoy swimming in an environment in which glasses seem impractical if, like many people who read this, you rely on glasses to maintain clear vision. After all, if you did enter the pool with your glasses, would they not easily fall off and get splashed?

It is possible to secure glasses more tightly to your face with certain techniques, thus substantially reducing the risk of them falling off while swimming, so you can significantly reduce the risk of them falling off. For example, you can clip the Oakley Performance Strap Kit to particular Oakley glasses. The design of the device is simple, so it will not stand out to other swimmers in the pool, and it is specifically designed for use during sporting activities.

2. Prescription Goggles

In order to maintain a clear view when swimming, glasses are definitely recommended over contact lenses, as if you get chlorine behind your contact lenses, this could pose some problems. The good news is that SelectSpecs carries Prescription Swimming Goggles, which are an excellent alternative to glasses.

We are able to place lenses corresponding to your prescription into your goggles before we send them to you, just as we do with any other prescription eyewear we offer. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits of goggles while swimming along with the great vision you are accustomed to out of the water because of your glasses.

3. Cleaning Cloths

Is there any benefit to visiting the pool when you are not actually interested in swimming, but still wish to chat with someone you know who is enjoying themselves in the pool on occasions when you do not wish to swim? If water splashes from other pool occupants – we will assume that your very nice friend is not guilty – hits your glasses, causing damage to your vision as you stand by the poolside and chat away, it may become irritating.

Having some cleaning cloths in your pocket may be useful in such a situation.

Are you planning to swim frequently?

As a point of clarification, this advice is intended primarily for casual swimmers – those who swim occasionally or once a week. If you are an avid swimmer, you should seek out advice from a swimming expert who has considerable experience in the field.

Now let’s get started with some fun! This summer, whether you plan on taking occasional dips in your local pool, spending time in the warm, clear waters of the Costa del Sol, or doing something else altogether, you are likely to have various exciting plans for getting wet. Make sure to bring all the necessary gear and don’t forget to enjoy the sun! And don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day. Have fun and make this summer a memorable one!