How To Tighten Glasses

How To Tighten Glasses 1

How to Adjust Glasses at Home

Your eyeglasses are designed to fit your vision needs, from the lenses to the temples. A stylish pair of eyeglasses can help you enhance your appearance.

The problem is that sometimes frames do not fit your face as well as you would like. Do not worry, however; whether your frames are bent out of shape, pinching your nose or falling off altogether, the problem can usually be solved in a few days.

There are several ways in which you can adjust your glasses at home, depending on which part needs to be tightened (or loosened, for that matter). Here are a few suggestions on how to do it yourself and when you should probably call a professional.

How to Tighten Glasses

It may be necessary to tighten the screws on your glasses if you feel that they are sliding off your nose. To accomplish this, you’ll need the proper tools, so ensure that you have a glasses repair kit available. If you do not have one, they can be easily obtained at most drugstores.

You will find a very small screw at the point where your lens meets the arm of your frames, which allows the arm to be hinged. In your repair kit, you will find a screwdriver that is small enough to turn this screw into place.

If the frames are malleable, you may tighten them without a screwdriver.

  • When wearing Metal Glasses, you can tighten them by pinching the bridge of the bridge or the nose pads until they fit more snugly and securely.

  • A Plastic Frame can be adjusted by slightly bending its arms. However, you will need to warm up the frames before they will be able to bend safely. Place the frames under warm water for a minute or blow them with warm air from a hairdryer. When the arms are warm, gently press the ends of the arms down and in. This will help ensure that the earpieces fit closely behind the ears and prevent slippage.

If you wish to tighten your sunglasses, you can use the same process you use for tightening your glasses. Be careful not to put too much force on the frames as they are more delicate than you may believe.

How to Loosen Tight Glasses

The frames of your glasses may be too tight on the sides of your head or on your temples. If that is the case, you will need to loosen them. Here is how to do it:

  • To loosen the screws on the hinges of the arms, use the screwdriver included with your glasses repair kit. Do this slowly so that you do not pull out the screw completely.

  • When wearing metal frames, hold them by the lenses and gently move the arms away from them. This can alleviate pressure on the temples.

When you wear glasses that cause discomfort behind your ears or on your head, you should adjust the fit as soon as possible. Too tight a fit can result in uncomfortable pressure and headaches, which can be very distracting.

Don’t force your glasses, as this can cause them to break if they do not cooperate with your adjustments. You may need to visit an optician if they do not cooperate with your adjustments.

How to Adjust Glasses by Fixing Crooked Frames

The arms of your glasses may be crooked if your glasses are sitting unevenly on your ears or pushed in on one eye. But don’t worry; bent glasses can also be easily adjusted at home.

The following method can be used to fix crooked frames:

  • Bend the left arm gently at the hinge if the right side is higher than the left.

  • Bend the right arm gently at the hinge if the left side is higher than the right.

If your plastic frame’s arms aren’t moving, you can run them under warm (not hot!) water to encourage flexibility. You can also try bending the arm where it meets your ear, but make sure to be careful and take it slowly.

But why are my glasses crooked? There are a number of factors that contribute to the condition of your frames. Factors such as improper storage, falling asleep in your glasses or handling them incorrectly can all lead to crooked frames.

How to Adjust Nose Pads on Glasses

The nose pads of your glasses may need to be adjusted if they are pinching your nose, sliding down your nose, or simply feeling unbalanced on your nose. This can be accomplished with a few simple steps.

  • Grip one of the lenses and the bridge of your nose while wearing your glasses

  • If the nose pads are bent outward, the frames will sit higher on the nose, while if they are bent inward, the frames will fall lower on the nose.

  • Once you have found the right fit for your glasses, try them on again and repeat the process until you are satisfied.

You can solve the glasses-pinching problem by balancing your nose pads. In addition, your frames will stay in place if they slide down your face improperly.

Glasses can be adjusted professionally by a specialist

There are some glasses that may be even more fragile because they are constructed of materials such as titanium, memory titanium, aluminum alloy, or memory plastic. Taking these styles to a professional to avoid breaking them at home is best. Rimless and semi-rimless styles can also be tricky to move around.

You may be able to get your glasses adjusted for free by visiting a nearby optical center or by contacting your eye doctor. If you purchased your glasses from your eye doctor, the optician on site should be able to assist you.