How To Wear Aviator Prescription Glasses

How To Wear Aviator Prescription Glasses 1

Guide to Wearing Aviator Glasses With Style


As well as offering eye protection, aviator glasses add a touch of style to any outfit as a timeless accessory. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss how to wear aviator glasses with style and confidence, whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or a polished ensemble. This guide covers everything from selecting the right pair to matching them with your outfits.

1. Choosing the right pair of aviator glasses:

To select an aviator glasses pair that suits your face shape and your personal style, it is important to consider the size of the glasses in relation to your face size. In order to avoid overwhelming your features, choose small aviator glasses if your face is smaller. Conversely, if your face is larger, you should opt for larger frames that provide a balanced appearance. For optimal eye protection and durability, look for aviators with sturdy frames and high-quality lenses.

2. Understanding Lens Options

For everyday wear, opt for lenses that offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays. Aviator glasses come with a variety of lens options, each serving a different purpose.

For activities such as driving or spending time near water, polarized lenses are ideal, as they reduce glare and improve vision clarity. Additionally, consider lens colors such as gray, brown, or green, which offer versatile style and enhance natural colors.

3. Matching Aviator Glasses with Your Outfits

For a relaxed and casual look, pair your aviator glasses with jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Wear your aviators with jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket for effortless coolness.

Wear your aviators with a tailored suit or little black dress for a sophisticated appearance that can be worn casually or formally.

4. Consider the Occasion

If you are going to wear glasses, you ought to consider the occasion and dress accordingly. Sportier aviator styles with lightweight frames and polarized lenses are appropriate for outdoor activities or a day at the beach.

Conversely, if you are attending a formal event or attending a business meeting, select aviators with sleek and sophisticated frames, such as those made of titanium or stainless steel.

5. Styling Mens Aviator Glasses

You can achieve a rugged yet stylish look with these sneakers when you pair them with a crisp white shirt, slim-fit jeans, and a leather jacket.

Adding aviators to your outfit will make you look more polished, especially when you pair them with a tailored suit and pocket square. Experiment with different frames for a unique look.

6. Styling Womens Aviator Glasses

Classic Aviator Glasses can be worn with many different outfits. You can create a boho look by wearing aviator glasses with a flowing maxi dress and wide-brimmed hat.

The pilot aviator glasses look great with ripped jeans, graphic t-shirts, and leather jackets for a casual and edgy look, as well as a sleek pantsuit or a little black dress for a more glamorous look.


The right pair of aviator glasses can elevate your style and protect your eyes from the sun. You can choose the right pair, understand lens options, and consider your outfits and the occasion to wear your glasses with confidence.

If you are a man or woman, aviators provide endless possibilities for creating stylish and eye-catching looks. So, take advantage of this fashion classic and celebrate their timeless appeal.