How to wear glasses in winter

How to wear glasses in winter 1

Why you need a pair of winter glasses

It’s rainy. It’s dark. And, it plays havoc with your glasses. Winter is certainly no wonderland for us spectacle wearers. And if rain-soaked lenses, dazzling glare and instant fogging wasn’t already enough to contend with, now you’ve got a facemask to throw into the mix as well. Visibility equals zero.

But, how about this for a lightbulb moment? Instead of fearing your face furniture this winter, why not embrace it? Go big. Go bold. Or go small and subtle. We don’t really mind. Our point is this: you switch up your clothes to suit the seasons, so why not your specs?!

I mean you wouldn’t wear flipflops in February, would you? So why wear the same pair of glasses from one month to the next? Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not suggesting you change your spectacles like you change your socks. But we think investing in some new glasses for the winter months actually makes perfectly good sense. Here’s why.

  1. Glasses don’t look good in winter. They look awesome. I mean, nothing says winter-chic more than round metal spectacles and a high-neck sweater. Or, thick-rim bold frames with a matching bobble hat and scarf. When it comes to your winter wardrobe, glasses seriously up the ante. Round or rectangular, thick framed or thin, block colour plastic or super cool metal – everything goes.

In fact, glasses look so good in winter, people who don’t even need to wear them, wear them. And by glasses, we’re talking about the sunshade variety. It’s not that long ago that if your average Joe (or Josephine) rocked up to the office/park/school gate wearing sunglasses sans-summer, they may as well have been wearing a t-shirt that read ‘I’m so cool’ on it. But not anymore.

Glasses have officially got the winter seal of approval. Or should we say the Wintour seal of approval? As in Anna. As in Vogue. As in the only person who matters in fashion. Has anyone ever seen that woman without a pair of sunglasses? Even in winter. At night. Indoors. And if it’s good enough for the fashion pack, it’s good enough for us. Sunglasses or no-sunglasses, they all look good in winter. Period.

  1. Cherry, olive, vanilla, coffee, caramel or chocolate. Nope, we’re not choosing from Starbie’s latest list of syrups for our morning latte. We’re talking about the awesome hues of the autumn colour palette. They’ll warm up your face faster than a quilted balaclava.

Or, you could opt for more ice than Elsa with crisp white, cool blues, transparent turquoise or a pop of aquamarine. Colours like this just can’t compete in summertime, when we’re already head-to-toe in bold prints and bright tints. Winter is their time to shine.

  1. Choosing your glasses isn’t all about how they look. It’s also about how they feel. In summer, lots of us prefer a lighter frame. Cool thin metal, perhaps a semi-rim or transparent plastic. Everything’s lighter and brighter. Less is more. I mean, no one wants a sweaty nose, right.

But fast-forward to winter and you’ve got the chance to mix things up a bit. There are just so many more options available. Thicker fuller frames. Deeper arms. Plastic, rubber or metal. That’s right, metal. Don’t worry, they won’t freeze to your face. This isn’t Moscow, people.

  1. Let’s be honest, winter glasses don’t have it easy, do they? Rain drops, fogging and constant cleaning. They work harder than Santa’s elves at this time of year. It therefore makes sense to choose a pair with a sturdier frame, while a spring hinge will help them flex. A wider lens will increase visibility and longer arms will allow them to sit further from your face to reduce fogging.

Smudges and scratches will reduce visibility even more, so get yourself a good solid case to keep them safe. And always carry a soft lint-free cleaning cloth on a string around your neck. Joking, don’t do that. You’ll look stupid. But wipe ’em on your Aran jumper and you may as well use sandpaper.

Find out how you can keep your specs in tip top condition this winter, with our top tips.