Pink Glasses

Wit woo, get you! No, no. Don’t be coy. You know we’re talking about you, soul sister. You’re not here to mess around. You’re here to be popping in pink, bold and daring, you want specs that scream, “Hey there, world, I’m here to be noticed!”. And noticed you will be once you get your eyes on this superb selection of specs.

Let’s waste no time here. Here’s what we have for you. We’ve got oval frames that are so slender that you might shed a tear, we’ve got thick round frames with a brow bar and tortoiseshell pattern, we’ve got cat eyes, we’ve got your standard rectangular slim frames that make you look brooding and sultry in even the most dingy of office environments, we’ve got the round frame nifters, rimless, semi-rimless with heavy top rims. More! It’s an absolute show, no less.

Then let’s talk shades of pink, shall we? You’d better know we’re not just talking fuchsia. Oh no, friend. We’ve got a world more than that. Dusty pink, daiquiri pink (oh yeah, that’s a shade), two-tone pink, mink, rose gold, damson, dark pink, frosty pink, crystal pink, candy pink, pink candy stripes. It’s practically a sweet shop of choice!

And finally, we don’t mean to name drop but we’ve got some bigguns. Ever heard of a little brand called Marc Jacobs? How about Vera Wang? Oscar de la Renta, Brink Couture, Guess (to keep you guessing), Gant, Versace for crying out loud?! And it’s all for as little as just £30 a piece. You won’t find it better, trust us on this.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.