Glasses Types

Woah, welcome. We’ve been expecting you. Now, we know exactly the sort of browser you are. The shop all type of character. You’re not narrowing down to shapes, colours, rim type or frame material. And why should you? You’re here for the long haul. The whole shebang! And you know what? You have no idea what you want but by gum, you want something. And in the form of fabulous Low Cost Glasses no doubt.

So, ready to hear the options?

We’ve got shapes for days, nay, millennia! Whether you want big round frames, small ovals, wide bugeye ovals, standout squares, narrow rectangles, wide rectangles, thick frames, slender frames, frame-free, Audrey Hepburn cat eye frames, rimless frames, semi-rimless frames and more, we’ve got you covered.

And now for the colours. From your reds, yellows, pinks and greens, tartans and tortoiseshell and blues, patterned sides, cut out sides, sultry ambres, cut-glass crystals, popping purples, two-tones, solid colour, transluscents, leopard prints, golds and silvers, metallics, sombre monochromes. THE. WORKS.

And that’s not all. Oh no. We couldn’t end without discussing the designers and brands that we’ve got on offer. Did someone say wangle us a pair of Vera Wangs? Yeah. We did. We’ve got YSL, Alexander McQueen, the big boss himself: Hugo Boss, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors. You could ask for no more! But if you did, that’s cool too. We’ve got more.

Then for the brands, think Kookai, Kangol, Bench, Brink Collection, Brink Couture. My my my, we’re on the brink of bursting from excitement! And the icing on the cake – get them all for less than £100 per frame! Some are even buy one get one free. Have you ever met with such a fine deal.

No. We daresay you haven’t

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