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Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses effortlessly adapt to changing light situations. As a result of changing light conditions, these lenses automatically change from clear to dark when you go outdoors, and then return to clear again when you return to your home. It is important to note that Transitions® lenses help protect against the harmful effects of blue-violet light, including those from digital devices and bright sunlight. As well as optimising the amount of light your eyes receive, Transitions lenses also help reduce glare for more effortless sight. With Transitions, you are able to take control of your light and enjoy 24/7 protection no matter where you are.

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Transitions® Signature® GEN8

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 1


Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 2

With the latest technology, a new frontier of performance has been reached. Transitions Signature® GEN8™ is one of the most versatile photochromic lenses available today. In addition to darkening outdoors in just seconds, they return to clear indoors faster than ever before. There are seven colours available for these advanced lenses, including amber, amethyst, brown, emerald, green, grey and sapphire. Select Transitions®  as your lens type, and the new colour options will be displayed for you to choose from.

Transitions® XTRActive®

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 3

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 4

The best for wearers who are very light sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light. Synthetic lenses in the new generation of Transitions XTRActive are extremely dark and offer the best protection from intense light indoors and outdoors, as well as in the vehicle.

Transitions® Drivewear®

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 5

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ 6

Featuring advanced photochromic technology, this polarised sun lens adapts to light and colour, making it the only polarised sun lens designed to be used while driving. By combining photochromics with fixed polarization, Transitions Drivewear provides you with optimal vision and color contrast while driving, with UV and visible light reacting positively. Adapting quickly to changing lighting conditions such as low lighting overcast weather or bright sunlight, it provides an optimal driving experience regardless of the situation.

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What frames are available with Transitions® lenses?

Almost every frame will be compatible with Transitions® lenses. A rimless or semi-rimless frame is not available for Transitions® Drivewear®.

Is it possible to combine Transitions® lenses with varifocals?

There is no problem. Transitions® lenses are compatible with a wide range of vision types, including single vision, varifocals, and non-prescription. Only bifocals cannot be combined with Transitions® lenses.

Are Transitions® lenses as clear indoors as regular glasses?

The Transitions® Signature® GEN8TM lenses are completely clear indoors, whereas the Transitions® XTRActive® lenses have a slight tint that is hardly noticeable. On the other hand, Transitions® Drivewear® lenses are olive-green in color by default, but darken behind the car’s windscreen behind the lens.

How dark do Transitions® lenses get in the sun?

Transitions® lenses provide 100 percent UVA/B protection. They are capable of being as dark as standard sunglasses, otherwise known as category 3.

Do Transitions® lenses work inside the car?

The Transitions® Signature® GEN8TM is intended for general use and is not intended for driving. However, both Transitions® XTRActive® and Transitions® Drivewear® can be used behind the windshield. With Transitions® XTRActive®, you can enjoy a safe driving experience at night as well as wear it every day.

Furthermore, Transitions® Drivewear® lenses are specifically designed to ensure that you can drive safely on the road in all weather conditions. As the light changes, Transitions® Drivewear® lenses adapt seamlessly, giving you a better driving experience in low light conditions or bright sunlight. Nighttime driving is not recommended for Transitions® Drivewear® lenses.

Do Transitions® lenses need special care?

By using photochromic technology, the dyes are integrated into the lens, so they cannot be scratched or peeled off. It is important to keep your Transitions® lenses in good condition by using a lens cleaner, mild soap, or microfiber cleaning cloth to clean them. Transitions® lenses are designed to last the lifetime of your prescription.


*Transitions® lenses filter at least 20% of blue-violet light indoors and more than 87% of blue-violet light outdoors, except for Transitions® Signature® lenses, which filter over 75% indoors. According to ISO TR20772-2018, blue-violet light has a wavelength between 400 and 455 nm.

1 The highest weighted composite score was achieved among the main everyday photochromic lenses across the measurement of major photochromic performance attributes. These attributes were weighed according to their relative importance for consumers. In 2019, an external research agency conducted the survey and analysis used to measure attribute relative importance in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

2 In comparison to Transitions Signature lenses, Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses fade back to clear in approximately 3 minutes less time. There is a two-minute difference between CR607 products and CR607 products. According to the claim, grey lenses, which are the most popular color, can lose up to 70% of their transmission at 23°C, based on tests conducted across a variety of materials.

3 In comparison with Transitions Signature lenses, Transitions Signature GEN 8 filter 80% of blue violet light indoors and over 87% outside, except for Transitions Signature lenses style colours that filter over 75% outside. As stated by ISO TR20772-2018, blue-violet light has a wavelength between 400 and 455 nm.

4 The darkest among clear to extra dark photochromic lenses in hot weather conditions, in the car, and offering the best blue-violet light protection across a wide range of light conditions. Among polycarbonate and 1.5 gray lenses, protection from blue-violet light (400nm-455nm) has been found to be (i) up to 34% for indoor use at 23°C, (ii) up to 64% for use behind the windshield, (iii) up to 90% for use outdoors at 23°C and (iv) up to 83% for use outdoors at 35°C.

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