What Do You Need To Order Prescription Glasses Online

What Do You Need To Order Prescription Glasses Online 1

What Do You Need To Order Prescription Glasses Online?

Buying glasses online for the first time can be difficult. If you have previously purchased your glasses from an optical store or eye doctor, our six-step guide will guide you through the process:

Step 1: Find your prescription

In most cases, your prescription has been saved in a file or desk drawer, or you have scanned it onto your smartphone. In order to purchase glasses online, you must provide a valid optical prescription.

After obtaining your prescription and pupillary distance measurements (PD), you are ready to order eyeglasses online.

However, if your prescription for glasses has expired, you will need to schedule an eye examination with your eye doctor.

Step 2: Select an online retailer

You should compare eyeglass retail stores until you locate the one that best suits your needs. Review customer reviews on Google and Yelp, visit each site’s frame selection and price range, and verify if your vision insurance will cover the purchase.

In the event that a retailer does not accept your vision insurance, you may be able to request an invoice and submit it for reimbursement. However, you should know that this will take extra effort on your part, and your coverage may not be as complete as if you were using an in-network retailer.

Step 3: Shop for the perfect frames

Create your own checklist before you begin your search: Face shape: Do you have a heart, diamond, oval, round, or other face shape? If you are uncertain, use our guide to determine yours.

You may have a favorite frame shape – cat eyes, rimless, horn rims. Are you looking for basic black glasses or clear oval glasses? What kind of frame material are you looking for – plastic, wire rims, or eco-friendly?

Identify your budget – Write down the amount of money you intend to spend on lenses and frames. Many online retailers allow you to sort frames based on price. With your checklist handy, you are ready to begin shopping for your ideal frames. Upload your photo when you find a pair that appeals to you so you can virtually try it on.

Step 4: Choose your lenses

Once you have selected your perfect frames, you will be required to enter your prescription and pupillary distance (for some sites, you will be required to enter these details later in the checkout process). By doing so, you will be able to ensure that you will receive lenses that will facilitate clear vision at near and far distances.

You may choose to add extras or upgrades to the lens such as a scratch-resistant coating, a blue light filter or a photochromic (Transitions) lens that darkens in the presence of sunlight.

Step 5: Review the return policy

In the event that you order a pair of glasses online and need to return them for some reason, there is always a chance that you will need to do so.

You should carefully review the fine print on refund/exchange policies and product warranties in order to ensure that you are either covered in the event of a problem or you know how much of a financial penalty to expect in the event of a malfunction.

Step 6: Complete your order

As soon as you have chosen your ideal frames, entered your prescription information, added any lens coatings or upgrades, and reviewed the warranty and return policy of the online retailer, you are ready to complete your order.

Do you know that you can save 20% or more on glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses by checking out the online retailer’s coupons and discounts page? You can often apply a coupon code to slice — and in some instances take a deep cut off — the price of the glasses in your checkout cart by applying a coupon code.

As soon as you have selected your glasses and applied your savings, complete your online order. Feel free to do your own happy dance as your glasses should arrive within a few days or weeks.