Are Prescription Glasses Free For Pensioners

Are Prescription Glasses Free For Pensioners 1

Over 60s are eligible to receive free prescriptions

Your age and circumstances may make you eligible for assistance with NHS health costs.

Could you please tell me what assistance is available for prescription charges and health care expenses?

The National Health Service offers free prescription glasses to individuals over the age of 60. If you are under 60, you can save money on prescriptions by purchasing prescription prepayment certificates from the NHS, which cover all your prescriptions for three or twelve months, regardless of how many you require.

A free sight test is also available to those over 60 years of age on the National Health Service, so it is important to notify your optician when you reach this age.

You may also be able to receive assistance with the following, depending on your circumstances:

  • Treatment under the National Health Service

  • Optical or contact lens costs

  • Supports and wigs provided by the NHS

  • Treatment provided by the NHS may require travel expenses.

Are prescriptions and health care costs covered by the government?

A number of benefits are available to help you with the NHS costs mentioned above, including:

  • As part of the Pension Credit, there is a Guarantee Credit

  • Providing financial assistance

  • Allowances for jobseekers based on income

  • Allowances for employment and support based on income

  • In certain circumstances, working tax credits or child tax credits may be available.

  • There are certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify for Universal Credit.

The NHS Low Income Scheme may be able to assist you with health costs if you do not receive any of these benefits but have a low income.

Do you qualify for additional compensation?

The Benefits Calculator may be able to assist you in determining what benefits you may be entitled to.

Do I have a right to assistance? If so, how do I obtain it?

  • The pharmacist may require proof of age if you are 60 or older in order to receive free prescriptions.

  • Whenever you book an appointment or attend one, simply present the letter confirming your benefits to the health care staff. 

  • When you book an appointment and bring your certificate with you, tell the staff you have a HC2 certificate, which entitles you to full health benefits, or an HC3 certificate, which entitles you to partial health benefits.