Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It 1

You may have thought about purchasing prescription sunglasses at some point in your life if you wear glasses or contact lenses, but you always have the following question in the back of your mind:

Is it worth it for me to purchase prescription sunglasses?

Whether prescription sunglasses are a good fit for you depends on a number of factors, so there is no such thing as a simple “yes” or “no.” To help you decide whether prescription shades are a good choice for your eyes, we will discuss some considerations in this article.


In addition to providing clear vision, prescription sunglasses also provide protection against UV rays. When purchasing prescription sunglasses, make sure that they contain UV400 sunglasses, which are 100% UV-blocking lenses.

Even when the skies are overcast, UV rays are still present and can damage your eyes. Protecting your eyes from the sun is not only important on sunny days. It is estimated that up to 80% of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds, even if we do not perceive them. You are also protected from dust and sand by your sunglasses.

If you wear contact lenses with regular sunglasses, you may think that you do not require prescription sunglasses.

People with refractive errors can benefit from contact lenses because they are comfortable and safe. However, they are not ideal for every activity, especially water sports. Swimming can be dangerous for your contact lenses, and getting water under your contacts can result in eye infections. It is easy to lose your contacts while swimming.

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How Do Transition Lenses Work?

In the past, transition lenses, also called photochromic lenses, were available in a variety of colors due to the coating that darkened when the lens was exposed to ultraviolet light. 

The pros and cons of transition lenses will help you determine whether they are right for you. Below are some of the pros and cons you should take into account when considering transition lenses:

The advantages

  • Easy to use (can be used indoors and outdoors)

  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation

  • There is less likelihood of loss

  • Various styles, colors, and prescriptions are available

  • Savings on the purchase of two pairs is possible (no need to purchase two pairs)

The disadvantages

  • The degree of darkness/lightening varies from brand to brand

  • Cold climates may require more time to adjust

  • Car windshields have some UV protection that prevents them from darkening as much as they should.

For those of you who are quite active throughout the day, transition lenses may not be the right choice. By contrast, prescription sunglasses provide you with complete control over when and where you require UV protection.

Are clip-on lenses still used by many people?

Although clip-on sunglasses remain available, they are becoming less popular as other options become more affordable and effective. Clip-on sunglasses can be very useful when they work, but can be frustrating when they do not.

It is not necessary to fiddle with clip-on sunglasses when you have prescription sunglasses.


A prescription pair of sunglasses provides you with clear vision on sunny days as well as protection from UV rays.

Glasses do not have to be stacked

Wearing eyeglasses outdoors on cloudless days can be extremely uncomfortable if you do not wear contact lenses. Prescription sunglasses allow you to go outdoors without having to cover your glass frames with sunglasses.

Lenses with polarization

Polarized lenses are readily available from many brands. Polarized lenses reduce glare and improve clarity. Polarized lenses are especially suitable for driving and outdoor activities, such as hiking and rafting.

Make sure your vision is complete

The use of prescription sunglasses may be especially useful to people who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness). If you do not wear glasses during your daily activities, prescription sunglasses fill the gap in your vision when you are outside.

Get a new pair of sunglasses by replacing your old ones

Your eyes may be overexposed to unnecessary strain when wearing sunglasses with old prescription lenses.

It is recommended that you visit your optometrist to determine if you require new sunglasses.

Taking a break from your eyes is important

The most significant benefit of prescription sunglasses is that they allow you to avoid wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time. In addition to allowing you to see clearly and comfortably, you will be able to spend as much time as you wish under the sun or in the clouds without any worry about protecting your eyes.


Prescription sunglasses are available from most eyewear brands. Depending on your prescription, you may be able to choose regular frames that are fitted with UV protection lenses.

Consider investing in a pair of impact-resistant performance sunglasses if you are an active outdoor enthusiast. These glasses are designed to ensure your comfort and safety while exercising outdoors.

In addition to basic prescription lenses, prescription sunglasses give you the option of upgrading your lenses with Anti-Scratch and Anti-Reflective coatings, Mirrored finishes, and Progressive Lenses if you require them.

The frames of prescription sunglasses usually do not cost much more than those of non-prescription sunglasses. Although prescription lenses will cost more upfront, they are usually well worth the initial cost.


We offer a wide selection of prescription sunglasses online so you can select the brand that is most suitable for you.

We will be pleased to assist you if you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact our team directly if you have any questions or concerns.


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