Wearing Glasses For The First Time

Wearing Glasses For The First Time 1


As a result of years of headaches and blurry street signs, you finally gave in to your headaches and decided to visit the eye doctor. Your eye doctor informs you that you now need prescription glasses. Oh, what a relief!

Our eye care specialists have come up with a list of things that prospective wearers can expect when they begin wearing their new glasses to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, wearing glasses is a no-brainer because the purpose of wearing them is to improve vision. However, the difference is startling. Words on a page that were previously difficult to see through squinting are now easily visible. Street signs, as well as the cars around you, are much clearer now, and everything has much more detail than you could have imagined.

In the first few days of wearing glasses, most people will experience headaches and sore or tired eyes. However, as your eye muscles become used to relaxing rather than working so hard to comprehend what they are seeing, you will no longer experience headaches and soreness. There may also be slight dizziness or light sensitivity experienced by some people, however these symptoms tend to occur only within the first few weeks.

Additionally, you may experience temporary discomfort from your new prescription and your new glasses themselves for a short period of time, as your ears, nose, and temples have to become accustomed to them.

Tip : If you are experiencing discomfort during the first week of wearing your glasses, try wearing them for a few hours at a time.

Constant cleaning:

In spite of your best efforts, dirt and grime tend to accumulate on the clear lenses of your glasses, much like ants at a picnic. Water drops, fingerprints, and oil from your hands are only a few of the more common culprits.

Tip: Keeping your glasses clean requires the use of a soft, lint-free, dust-resistant cloth. If they become really dirty, you might consider using a spray bottle of the cleaning solution.

When someone asked if you had seen their glasses in the past, and you noticed that they were resting on top of their heads, you may have thought it was funny. You will most likely experience this same problem with your glasses if you are constantly losing your keys or wallet.

Tip: When you are not wearing your glasses, put them in a designated place. You can also use this method for keys and wallets.

Play around with it:

The wide variety of styles, colors, and features that are available makes it possible for you to choose your new glasses in a way that makes a major fashion statement. In spite of whether your new look is bold and daring or sophisticated and understated, it is important to stay true to yourself and expect people to take some time to adjust to it.