What Colour Glasses Suit Me

What Colour Glasses Suit Me 1

How To Determine What Colour Glasses Suit Me?

It can be tricky to choose the right frame color because the right (or wrong) shade can significantly affect your overall appearance. Luckily, we’re here to assist you in choosing the perfect frame color for your glasses.

Your frames should be selected in a color that complements and contrasts well with the hue of your skin, hair, and eyes. If you are looking to make a statement with colour, these tips will help you choose coloured frames to enhance your look. Neutral-coloured frames like black and brown are versatile and will suit any style.

In order to determine which style of glasses will be most appropriate for you, it is important to first determine your face shape.

Choose a frame colour that complements your skin tone

There are two categories of skin tone – warm and cool. As a rule, people overlook skin tone when choosing glasses frames.

When you hold some gold and silver jewellery up to your face in daylight, you can determine whether you have warm or cool undertones. If you have cool undertones, gold will make you look more awake than silver will.

Match your frame colour with your hair color

Best glasses frame colours for blondes

Cool Blondes: are best suited to glasses with grey, dark tortoise shell, pink, blue or purple frames. Avoid frames with gold or yellowy frames, as these will wash you out and will contrast with the blue undertones in your skin.

Warm blondes: Choose warm, sunny colors with gold accents such as coral, peach, red, light tortoiseshell and amber. You can also wear forest green – this colour is particularly flattering for those with green or blue eyes. Avoid any colors that have icy tones, such as light blue and pale baby pink.

Best glasses frame colours for brunettes

Cool brunettes: Brunettes with cool undertones are able to experiment with color – you look great in greens, purples and blue-based reds such as ruby and cherry. Black frames, as well as dark tortoiseshell frames, are also very flattering. Avoid pale colors like cream, light greys, or pastels.

Warm brunettes: Select frames with metallic gold features – they will complement your skin tone. For your eyes, light tortoiseshell, amber, creamy whites and darker greens complement your skin tone. Avoid bright colors and anything that contains neon – the overall effect can appear too busy.

Best glasses frame colours for red hair

Green, richer, darker tortoiseshell and black frames are most suitable for redheads, as well as reddish brown, gold, copper, and dark reddish brown frames. Don’t compete with your hair by selecting frames that have ashy or yellowy tones such as creamy whites and beiges. These colors will clash with your hair.

Best glasses frame colours for black hair

If your hair is black, onyx, or dark tortoiseshell, you will be able to create a sophisticated, coordinated look. In addition to bright colours such as canary yellow, hot pink and lime green, warmer skin toned individuals can also wear dark green, darker shades of purple, and glasses with silver accents – while cooler-toned individuals with black hair should wear dark green, deeper shades of purple, and silver accented glasses.

Best glasses frame colours for grey hair

When your hair is grey, you can experiment with a bold pop of colour – go for cherry red frames, ocean blue frames or forest green frames rather than frames with yellow or brown tints that will dull your complexion.

Choose a frame color that complements your eye color

After you have reviewed some frame colors which complement your skin tone and hair type, you can also determine which glasses frame colors complement your eye color.

Grey eyes: Bright, patterned frames will look good on you because your grey eyes create a neutral backdrop for bright colors.

Hazel or brown eyes: Most brown eyes look excellent when paired with warmer colors, such as gold, green, and darker yellows.

Blue eyes: complement the light and dark tones of blue, grey, and brown, as well as tortoiseshell patterns.

Green eyes: go for dark earthy shades with gold tones. You can also experiment with brighter pinks and purple shades.